Monday, April 11, 2011

Halos made of Summer, rhythms made of Spring

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.
-Anthony J. D'Angelo






Outfit Details:
Dress (on sale) & tights: Urban Outfitters
Sweater & Headband: Modcloth
Necklace & Bracelet: Etsy
Shoes: Seychelles


It was the first sunny and warm day in a very long time here in central, PA. (Note my lack of posting). I was ever so excited and wished so badly that a. it was not Monday and b. I didn't have to be confined within the walls of a school building all day long. Seeing that there was no way of dodging this bullet, as soon as the clock hit 4 pm, my hubby and I sped to the nearest beaten path and took a stroll. Little did we know, we were walking along the edge of a golf course, where we soon ran into a jolly group of gents who lost their golf ball somewhere near the lakeside. (Before becoming aware of this I was prancing around like a silly school girl as the hubster snapped photo after photo of me.) "Hello, are we in your way?", I said nervously. (I can say the lamest things at times). "No, no you're fine", they replied looking at me strangely as they continued to walk all around us, very close, hunting for their ball.

Sure, I'm cool...not awkward to say the least. (yeah right).

So tell me, do you meet any interesting characters along the way of your picture taking adventures?

That's all for now. Night, night, darlings!



  1. let's see, picture-taking adventures... any civilians caught in the line of fire? why yes. there are always some! i've met a few here and there -- some pot-people, some children running rampant... :)

  2. Your cardigan is awesome, love the flowers on it! And I'm a big fan of Russian dolls so love your bracelet. That sounds a little awkward, luckily I haven't been too much in anyone's way so far, I've just had odd looks like most bloggers I expect! :p x

  3. Aw you look so pretty! I've missed your posts. Your headscarf is so lovely! That's reeaaally funny about your golfer encounter. i am super awkward whenever anyone sees me taking outfit shots. i feel like such a dweeb posing in front of my tripod!

  4. yay you're back! i've missed your posting and outfits. is that strange? ha.
    you look beautiful and i'm sure those golfers thought so as well!

  5. I love that cardigan! The floral details are adorable :)
    Sometimes, I encounter rowdy young kids when taking my pictures, and then they're all "take a picture of me, rawr rawr rawr!" But the golf guys you encountered seem much friendlier :)

  6. I only meet mice, deer, and coyotes on my outfit excursions! I did see a person on the horizon once but I got the bejesus outta there before they even saw me!

    Your outfits are always so colour, They make me happy! :D


  7. I missed your lovely blog and your romantic outfits ! I love your jacket !

  8. oh thanks so much marisa!

    have i told you how your name reminds me of 'mariposa' which is spanish for butterfly? it fits you so well.

    and have i also told you how you're so pretty, but cute at the same time, and it makes me want to keep you in my pocket so that whenever i'm sad i can take you out and look at you and then i'll cheer up right away?

    well now i've told you.

  9. I've had a woman insist I lock my bike while I was busy trying to safe my camera from a sudden cloudburst. It wasn't a meter from me but she was ever so worried about it. Scary caring lady.

    Such a beautiful, bright outfit. You look great!


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