Saturday, January 8, 2011

Queen of the Castle

Long day at work, enough said. I was compelled to find the nearest playground and run around like a wild banshee to blow off some steam. It was fun. It was what I needed. Al and I climbed, crossed bridges, slid, hopped mushrooms, and even played some musical instruments. We met some colorful friends along the way. Oh and did I mention that there was ice cream...yup, ice cream. It was our world and I was queen...queen of the playground, that is.

Playground 6

Playground 3


Playground 5

Playground 6

Playground collage

Outfit Details:
Coat: Modcloth (Christmas present from Al)
Dress, tights: Urban Outfitters
Ring: Miss Selfridge
Boots: Target



  1. such a cute set of photos! your jacket is adorable!

    looks like a lot of fun! x

  2. OMG, mushrooms! To stand on! I'm so jealous. lol.

    Love your outfit, and this is seriously the cutest set of photos I've seen in a while. Such a great location for a shoot. Glad you got to blow off steam there. :)

  3. thank you SO much! your comment made me feel so loved! have you sent the necklace yet? I am so excited to receive it!! :) you're darling! and i love your new header!

    love, polly

  4. Love love love the primary colors all together. You look AMAZING! what fun colors for a winter day!

  5. Its good to be queen. You look so colorful and cheerful today:)

    Aesthetic Lounge

  6. haha..that last picture is perfect.
    you are so flippin cute.
    i absolulty love that dress..
    can you believe i do not own a red dress!!! CRAZY!!!
    i hope you have a great rest of the week and it flies by!

  7. It's good to be Queen for a day :D These photos turned out adorable! Looks like a tone of fun.

  8. you are too cute! I love the coat soo much!! I want to be queen for a day!


  9. I love your dress!
    The coat is so nice as well! Haha, i love playing in playgrounds. Something about them is just to refreshing..

  10. what FUN! i need to get out more and do this! ;)

    adorable photos, adorable you!


  11. Who doesn't dream of being queen for a day? Queen of the Playground is still a queen, after all :) [I must admit, sometimes I declare myself Queen of the Kitchen, or something silly- just because it's fun :D] I love the whimsy of these photos, especially the last one where you're in the ice cream shop. Adorable! And you pull off yellow tights with such style- it takes a special girl to do that :)

  12. these photos are so cute!
    makes me want to go take pictures at the local part...i really need some variety haha. love your tights and dress! :)

  13. Oh, you are too cute! I love taking photos in playgrounds, and just going to playgrounds and running around.
    I love that dress! And the mustard with the red is a lovely combination :)

  14. What enchanting photos! Love the colours in your outfit, fits perfectly with the theme! Love the lace detailing on the dress too! xx

  15. Haha, sometimes all you need is a good playground at the end of a long day! Anyways,totally love this outfit. Al did a great job picking out that coat!

  16. Such a brilliant set! That ice cream shop looks like great fun! :D

  17. These pictures are fantastic! I love playing in the playground, especially in the snow! I was a bit worried for you though, balancing on that slippery looking mushroom! I especially love the pictures with the critters... : )

  18. Oh my gosh I LOVE your outfit! I love the colors and that jacket is absolutely darling!

  19. hehe this looks like so much fun!! I love the outfit- that dress especially. (:

  20. What a fabulous idea for a photoshoot! The playground you chose is so cute, and it fits in with your adorable outfit. Cute blog! Thanks for sharing!


  21. i am in love with this outfit!

  22. cute:)))))))))

    great inspiration

    xx Marina


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