Friday, December 24, 2010

Sugar Plum Fairies, Macaroons, and an Alice in Wonderland Giveaway

Twas the night before Christmas (well almost)!!!

Christmas Eve is just about here and I simply can't wait to spend the evening with all my family feasting on our traditional German Christmas Eve dinner.

But until then I am enjoying a box of homemade macaroons and other chocolaty confections so many of my dear colleagues gave me as gifts for Christmas. Yum, yum, yum!

In terms of my outfit, I don't wear skirts much because I find them hard to wear. I am petite with a typical hourglass figure and sometimes I think full skirts emphasize my wider hips. Oh well, probably true, however I couldn't resist this darling little number.


This is another one of my favorite headbands to date. It is perfect for these cold winter months. Janelle Haskin on Etsy makes some of the cutest knit headbands ever.


Outfit Details: Skirt/Sweater: Modcloth, Headband: Etsy - Janelle Haskin, Shoes: Topshop



As promised I am doing a giveaway in honor Christmas and all you darling followers out there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my little blog.

Up for grabs is a necklace inspired by Lewis Carroll's, "Alice in Wonderland", one of my favorites of course which features a little bottle labeled "Eat Me" filled with lovely little fruit tart cookies.

picture from

To enter this Giveaway:
1. Let me know how you follow my blog - bloglovin or google friend connect.
2. Tell me your favorite Christmas or holiday inspired movie.
It's as easy as Pie.
3. If you tweet (@Parkerlily) or blog about it, I'll give you 3 extra entries. Don't forgot to include the link in your comment.

I'll have this open until January 3rd and will randomly pick a winner by the 8th.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and best wishes in the year ahead!



  1. Merry Christmas, Marisa!! My favorite holiday movie is "It's a Wonderful Life"... the message is awesome and Jimmy Stewart is beyond hot.

  2. Oops- I follow via Google! And I Tweeted! @coffeecardigan

  3. your skirt is very pretty dear, reminds me of ice cream :) And as for the giveaway I follow you on google friend connect (I think!) My fav christmas movie is the nightmare before christmas! Enjoy your christmas eve supper and have a splendid day tomorrow! xx

  4. oh Marisa..
    you look perfect.
    (but when do you not?)
    i love love love those shoes..let go over to the UK together and shop our little hearts out..!

    my favorite christmas movie is The Muppets Christmas Carol.

    have a very merry christmas my dear.

  5. Merry Christmas!!! I follow via bloglovin' and my fav holiday movie is "Love Actually"!


  6. Merry Christmas!!! Have a wonderful holiday. Of course I friend connect follow you AND my fav movie is the charlie brown christmas one!!


  7. I feel the same away about skirts, but it wear them all the time anyways.

    Hope you have a great Christmas dear!

  8. hi marisa!
    Merry Christmas dear :)
    I've followed you by Google Friend Connect. And my fav movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas. I love cartoon anyway :D
    And here is the link of my blog about your giveaway.


  9. you look perfect for winter and christmas... :)

    what a sweet giveaway too!

    i follow you via google friend connect. & my favorite movie is It's a Wonderful Life!

    xx elanor

  10. merry christmas! i JUST heard about your great giveaway from diva at little geek madame and i came over here and looked around. i love your blog! but that being said, you also have some super cute clothes. expect many more comments from me haha.

    but i follow now on google, and my favorite christmassy movie is, well, a christmas carol. it's just so classic and funny to boot! <3

    thanks for such a great giveaway opportunity!

  11. I have exactly the same problem with skirts, they just dont look flattering on me but they are pretty so it's alright :P
    Hope you have a loooovely Christmas!

  12. What a beautiful outfit ! The skirt is great on you ! my favorite film for holidays is "zoolander" !!

  13. First of all... MERRY CHRISTMAS Marisa!! ;) You're looking lovely in that outfit!

    And secondly... wow, that necklace is so cute! Ahhh! Well I'm a follower via GFC, and my favorite holiday inspired movie would have to be The Holiday! Haha, absolutely loved that movie.

    PS: I tried tweeting about this giveaway but twitter is "over capacity" now, haha. I will try later!


  14. That outfit is so cute! I follow you on GFC, by the way.

  15. My favorite Christmas movie is "A Christmas Story". It's just so funny!

  16. I tweeted it here:!/113Elle/status/18857438023254016.

    This is my 1st Twitter Entry.

  17. I love your outfit! That cardigan is amazing. I always find skirts difficult to wear too. It's just easier to put on a dress!

    What a great giveaway also! I loooove Alice in Wonderland. I follow you on Bloglovin :]

  18. following you on google friend connect,i'm going to post the giveaway on my blog!
    oh and my fav. Xmas movie is the Grinch,but i have to say my personal tradition for Xams is to watch Roger Rabbit!

  19. Just stumbled on your blog! You look SO ADORABLE in that outfit. I'm majorly in love with your tights. Might be a little random, but I've been looking for white tights FOREVER. And you rockin' them reminds me of how much I want a pair!

    And, of course, I love the rest of our outfit!

    Check out mine?

  20. I follow through google :)
    It's just like Alice in Wonderland!
    I love the nightmare before christmas!

    love, polly :)

  21. For some reason, my "I've Blogged" comment didn't go through! Oh, well, here's the link:

    Thanks! :)

    luckyblue13 @

  22. Beautiful outfit! It looks so gorgeous on you :)
    I love that cardigan you have so sweet!

  23. Love your skirt, looks great on you!

    I think this year the most fitting Christmas movie for me has to be Die Harder because the lead up to Christmas was all about airports for me :)

    I follow you via google reader (I think via friend connect)

  24. This is a lovely giveaway !! You're such a gorgeous Alice. :) I follow you through Google friend connect and my fave Christmas movie is probably Edward Scissorhands :D

  25. ah so cute! I follow your lovely blog via google friend connect! and let's see... I would say that my favorite Christmas movie is a Muppet's Christmas Carol! hehe ^,^

  26. hi! very pretty.
    I'm a google follower & I LOVE A Christmas Story. The 24hr marathon isn't enough for me :)

  27. such a cute necklace!! great giveaway!! im following you through gfc and my favorite holiday movie is Elf :)

  28. Follow through GFC and my fav movie is National Lampoon's!

  29. that necklace is SO CUTE! how nice of you to offer up this adorbs necklace! :D

    i follow you on bloglovin! and my FAV xmas movie is definitely national lampoons christmas vacation! i know every word, haha.

  30. That necklace is super cute! Love it!
    I follow you through google reader and bloglovin.
    My favorite Christmas movie is Elf with Will Ferrell. So funny and darling. Perfect for a family get together =)

  31. that necklace is adorable <3
    i love alice in wonderland.
    i follow you through google reader.
    my favorite christmas
    probably the nightmare before christmas. :)


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