Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Outfits: Poprocks // Mata Traders Remix Challenge

Hat: Thrifted
Necklace & Bag: Antique Malls
Shoes: Modcloth

Happy hump day darlings!

Today I'm bringing you my second installment from the Mata Traders Remix Challenge of my Summerfest House - printed dress.  This time around, I wanted to keep it simple - no layers!  It's such a great dress, it actually doesn't need any which is why it's quite perfect for a hot and humid day like this scorcher.

As I kept the color palette neutral last time around - this time I wanted to add small pops of brights - red, turquoise, a smidgen of jade green in my hat and I was feeling quite fancy and fine.  You know because pops of color rock.  Get it...pops rock?  Ok that was super cheesy, but color always puts me in a festive and chipper sort of mood, so there you go.

As I mentioned before, Mata Traders is a super cool Fair Trade Company can read more about them HERE or in my previous remix post.  Their products are beautiful and made with care and quality by women across India and Nepal.  As a little bonus right now - take 10% off your order on the Mata Traders site with the code MATA_SHADES .  There are so many lovelies to choose from, take a peek and see what I mean.

Well I gotta run, but I'll see ya real soon.
Love Bunches,

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Outfits: The Polka

Hello and Happy Tuesday darlings,

See ya soon!
Love Bunches, 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Daily Ritual

Hi darlings!

I'm popping in to say "hello!",  after a crazy couple of weeks - you know, those weeks where everyone is under the weather, under one roof and then you end up spending a couple nights in the hospital with your little one from a virus.  Yes, those kinds of weeks.  They can be a bit scary and a bit stressful, but I can gladly report that everyone is quite alright now and my little dude made it home in time to celebrate his first birthday!  So as you can tell, it's been very busy around these parts.

I'm making a couple of pit stops along the way before I'm back to my regularly scheduled postings.  Today you can find me over at Never Fully Dressed-Without A Style, contributing to Kristian's monthly Q&A - this month talking about daily rituals.  Any guesses what mine is?

See ya soon!
Love Bunches,

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Outfits: Bike Season / Boat Season

Dress: Modcloth 
Hat: UO & Shoes
Brooch: vintage, antique mall
Bag: vintage, belonged to grandmother

Hello there, 

It's Tuesday and it's been dreary for a couple days now, but I don't mind too much.  As our wee family has been ever so busy as of late, it's nice to have a couple days to lounge about and do things at a slower pace.  For me that means, taking the time to cook a fancy dinner or two, get caught up on a couple DIYs around the house, and maybe even bake something delicious....and yes, have a Netflix marathon of PLL once the kiddos go to bed.    

Anyhow, despite the grey skies, this is my favorite time of year.  Once the weather warms, the boats are back out in the lake in my neighborhood, the bikers are out with their bikes cycling up the mountainous roads, and the walkers are out with their pups for some fresh air.  I for one love a sunny afternoon of kayaking or laying out by the lake with my two kiddos.  So please Mother Nature, bring on the sun once again!  Of course, in reality there are plenty of chores and work to be done before I live the life of leisure, hehe.

So with that, I wish you a terrific Tuesday.  Here's to taking a moment or two to do things at a slower pace.

Love Bunches, 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Room 334 Small Business Giveaway

Hello Darlings, 

A very happy Monday to you!  I just wanted to kick this gorgeous week off by telling you about a super sweet giveaway over at my fella Flock Together gal Elana's blog, Room 334.  For her 2 year blog anniversary, she has partnered with 7 small businesses ranging from vintage shops to handmade jewelry to bring you one fantastically fabulous giveaway.  My shop, AllyHoot Vintage is one of the shops offering up a store credit.  So basically if you enter Elana's giveaway, you can potentially win 7 "gift cards" to pretty much go on an awesome-possum summer shopping spree!  I told you it was sweet, right?

Fingers crossed for you :-)

Chat soon.
Love bunches, 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Outfits: Black & Blue // Mata Traders Remix Challenge

Summerfest Dress in Houses Remix

Hat & Shoes: UO
Blazer: Forever 21
Brooch: Vintage
Belt: Vintage, belonged to mother
Bag: Vintage, belonged to grandmother
Tights: Target

Summerfest Dress in Houses
Summerfest Dress in Houses
Mata Traders Remix Challenge
Mata Traders Remix Challenge
Mata Traders Remix

Hello darlings, 

I'm back this season with another remix challenge from Mata Traders.  As you may already know, I'm a ginormous fan of this company and their mission.  Not only are Mata Traders awesome quality and not to mention gorgeous...they are a Fair Trade company.  Their pieces are sewn by members of women's cooperatives in India and Nepal which in turn provides a way out of poverty and a better future for these women's children.  Pretty awesome, right?

Anyhow, this time around I am remixing the Summerfest Dress in houses print.  Gah, I'll say it again, I'm a sucker for novelty prints and this one is perfectly cute and quirky.  Also, the cut of this dress is divine - gotta love a full skirt, yeah?  

This is one of a four part remix.  If you remember the previous remixes I did with Mata Traders - I remixed by occasions and seasons. (See HERE and HERE).  This time around, I decided to remix by  different color palettes.  

First up: I'm Black and Blue.  I really wanted to create a more neutral color scheme - so as the dress is blue and white - I wanted to throw in black, brown and ivory, to create a more classic look.  Speaking of neutrals - looks my neutral colored feathery friends wanted to join in on the challenge too.

Next up: part 2: A little color... but until then I wish you a terrific Tuesday.
Love Bunches, 
Mata Traders Remix Challenge


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