Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mad About Monthly - February Edition

Now that February is coming to an end, here's a little ol' list of everything I has caught my eye this month.  

Deer Print Dress


Oh us bloggers, we do love our critter printed clothing, don't we?  I would be more than happy if this little fawn found her way to my wardrobe :-)


Pretty Pastel Flats

I'm head over flats in love with these candy-coated looking shoes.  Don't they remind you of those pastel coated chocolate Easter egg candies?  So sweet!


Slightly Smitten Kitten Fabric Covered Light Plates

How cute are each and every one of these light switch plates?  They could add a little pizazz to any old wall.  Just give me them all already!


Shop owner Hattie, creates charming, dainty, and feminine jewelry pieces using vintage and recycled materials.  Who doesn't love wearing something that is not only environmentally conscious but is also one of a kind?  Better yet, Hattie is not only one of my current sponsors, but she is an absolute sweetheart and gem of a gal (no pun intended).


Strawberry Shoulder Bag

Perhaps I'm jumping the gun on this because summer is still far off, but I just can't help but love this delicious little strawberry bag.  Isn't it adorable?  It's an ode to my favorite season ever - bring on the summer, bring on the strawberry pie!


Moon Collar Clips                                                         

I'd say these moon collar clips are out of this world.  Wouldn't they look lovely on a vintage cardi?

Well that's about all for now darlings!  My afternoon is filled with plenty of coffee and some practice time on the uke.  How about yours?

Love Bunches,

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

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Talk soon!
Love Bunches,

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fleet Little Fox

Sweater: Gift from Mom
Hat, Skirt, Shoes: Vintage thrifted
Blouse (dress): UO

Hello there darlings!

Well, this weekend proved to be yet another perfectly packed one which included a candy jar making craft night with friends, a hockey game (which I will admit I was a trooper at...fear of heights and the nosebleeds are not an ideal mix), and more drama practices because...hooray, the high school team that I coach advanced to the next competition level.  Anyhow, with snow on the ground and frost on my nose, staying busy seems to be the best remedy to beat the winter blues.  Finding vintage berets at the thrift store also seem to help keep my cold little ears warm.

More importantly, a month or so ago I mentioned that exciting things were ahead for me and my family and indeed they are!  In fact, I've been hiding something for far too long now and it's about time that I clue you in on my sweet little secret...though some of you many already know if you have seen my instagram ;-)  The truth is this family of foxes are adding one more to their fleet.  That's right ....

Looks like Keane will gaining a baby brother and mama will have a house full a boys on her hands.  22 weeks along I am and couldn't be happier.  It's hard to believe I'm over half way there!  So far along baby boy is growing healthy and strong and mama is just feeling a little more tired than usual.  

That's about all for now.  This mama is craving a cup of herbal tea and an oatmeal cookie :-)  Off to the kitchen I go to hunt.

Have a lovely Tuesday!

Love bunches,

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cozy Little Elk

Sweater: Chicwish
Scarf & Dress (worn as skirt): Thrifted
Pendant: Modcloth
Tights: Hue
Boots: Delia's

Aren't big cozy sweaters the best thing since sliced bread right now?  Does anyone know where that phrase came from?  What makes sliced bread so wonderful anyways?  

Ok, enough of my being random here - all it has been doing lately where I live is snowing.  Yes it's getting old and it's making me wonder if Punxsutawney Phil was truly correct in his early spring prediction.  Can you tell I'm a bit stir crazy?  

Nonetheless, this whole layering - oversized sweater, skirt, tights, my grandfather's thick socks, & old boots is my uniform as of late.  It makes this winter thing just a tad more bearable.  And by layering I mean - I may just be wearing long Johns too ;-).  The Mr. and I wore the same colored pants/tights.  We are just nerds like that.  

So here's hoping for an early spring.  Fingers crossed darlings!

Love bunches,

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nifty 50

Dress: Modcloth - Bday gift from the Mr.
Hat: Vintage, antique mall
Brooch: Gift from sister
Tights: Modcloth
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Another weekend spent in Philadelphia was just what the doctor ordered for this gal after weeks of feeling a bit of cabin fever and very snowed in here on my little mountainside in this small town.  So onto the city we went.

On this particular day, all I was craving was a milkshake - and not any old kind, but rather one of those fabulous homemade kinds with all the bells and whistles.  Of course I knew it was meant to be after reading posts from Katie and Hannah that talked about milkshakes and diner trips and all that delicious jazz.  So anyhoo, the Mr. and I ventured off in search of the perfect milkshake and that brought us back to Nifty Fifties - a kitschy little spot complete with a jukebox, the best milkshakes in town, and cheese fries to die for.  So that's indeed what we had.  Banana coconut custard was my flavor.  Score.  That's all I really needed.  I was in total state of bliss.  And I lived happily ever after.

Oh and afterwards, we went for a walk at a pretty little park by the water - to burn the calories from our indulgences of course ;-)

The end.

Love bunches darlings,

Monday, February 18, 2013

Winter Sherbet

Happy Monday darlings!

Today finds me out of town celebrating my son's birthday a little early with my family.  If you are here in the States, don't you just love Mondays off?  Anyhoo, with all this birthday talk and delicious cake, I'm craving some sherbet over at Flock Together today.  Follow me this way to read more :-)

Talk soon!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Call Me Cupid - A Thread Share Post

Dress: Swapped with Amanda
Hat & Brooch: Vintage
Blouse: Vintage (in shop here)
Sweater: Gift from Mom
Tights: Topshop
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Happy Valentine's all you Sweethearts out there!

Just as promised, I'm back all decked out in hearts and pink and all that other Valentine's themed jazz for this love-full week.  Actually - not really.  What I mean is that I didn't' intend to walk out of the house dressed like one of Cupid's street, kind of actually like Mrs. Claus when I threw on Amanda's lovely little pinky-red vintage shift dress but truth be told, I'm totally fine with that :-)

Miss Salvaged Strawberry herself, sent this perfectly mod beauty of a dress over my way for our monthly Thread Share.  Being so cold as it was - (isn't that the complaint these days?) - I didn't shy away from wearing layer upon layer even if it bulked this 5'2 petite gal up like a linebacker (I exaggerate).  I was cozy and warm and that's truly all that matters these days, right?

Yet again, Amanda and I styled the dress up so similarly - funny how that always seems to happen?!  Red and black and patterned tights were the name of the game for us.   Take a leap over here to see more from her remix.

So before signing off - I wish you one loverly loverly heart filled day.  My internet presence has been a little sparse this week as I prepare to take a team of teenagers to compete in a drama competition this weekend, but I do hope to catch up with you all soon!  As for tonight - the Mr. and I will be celebrating over dinner with one another - though I do believe that love should be celebrated in small ways each and every day :-).  Cheers to just that!

Love bunches darlings,

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Craft Room /Valentine's Edition - A Hearted Shoe DIY

Well hello there darlings!

I'm back today with another super simple DIY just in time for Valentine's Day.  If you follow me on instagram, you may recall seeing a pair of oxfords that I glitterized a while back during a DIY night at my house with friends.  (Unsure of how to glitter up your shoes? - jump here for an easy tutorial).  

Well, I didn't want to stop there with those beauties.  My poor oxfords were old, bent, and quite water stained - so after prettying them up with lavender glitter, I thought, might as well put a heart on it too!  I have a ton of pretty vintage scrap material left over from dresses that I hem, so what better way to put it to use?!  (I was inspired by a pair of Irresistible Choice shoes that I have with flowers on the back of them.)

Enough chit-chat, let's cut to the chase.  

What you need is:
-A pair of shoes 
-Paper (for your heart template)
-Pretty scrap material
-A pin
-Mod Podge
-A craft brush or paint brush

Steps 1:

Create and cut out your heart template.  You'll want to decide how big you want the heart to be on your shoe first and measure to make sure it fits properly on the back.  

Pin the paper heart to your material and cut it out. (Pinning it to a corner makes it so much easier since you will not need to cut the full way around)

Step 2
Apply Mod Podge to the back of your material heart with your brush.

Steps 3

Stick the material heart onto the shoe.  If you are sticking it onto the back like I did, be sure that the point of the heart matches up with the back seam of the shoes. (As you can see, the top of my heart was a little off center since this shoe was very bent.)

Apply a coat of Mod Podge over the heart to seal it.

Let it dry.  If necessary, you can apply another coat.  (I only needed one coat)


You are finished!

Now your feet are as cute as can be :-)

Talk soon darlings.
Love bunches, 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Strawberry Sundae

Dress: Vintage (from Shop)
Floral Crown: Gift from sister
Necklace: JCrew - Gift from mom
Tights: Modcloth
Shoes: Miss L Fire

Oh hello there darlings, 

In honor of all things pink, sugary sweet, and absolutely delightful - I don one of my favorite little vintage dresses and ice cream printed tights. I guess it's one perfect way to kick off this candy coated week of love and all that other gushy stuff that either has you swooning like a 12 year old over Justin Bieber or completely gagging by these cheese coated words I just typed out.  Whatever your stance on this week's holiday known as Valentine's Day, you can't deny that all the puffy pink cupcakes and glittery heart shaped DIYS floating around on Pinterest aren't anything short of adorableness to the umpteenth power.  So that's just that.  I'm a sucker for Frank Sinatra songs filling my living room, Godiva truffles, strawberry pink dresses, a candlelit dinner, and yes, maybe even a slow dance or two.  So bear with me if I bring you plenty of chocolatety  heart shaped goodness, this week and this week alone.

Here's to one perfectly sweet week my friends!
Love Bunches,


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