Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Outfits: Frosted Donut

 Outfit Details:
Sweater: Target
Blouse: Vintage for sale in shop
Skirt: Gap
Hat: eBay
Bag & Belt: Vintage, thrifted
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Hello darlings, 

I'm back after a very long weekend of Fine Arts festivalling (yes I realize this is not a word), and extremely thrilled to report that my teams made it on to the next level of the festival which is held in early spring.  Hooray!  Of course there is plenty of work to be done to get my drama teams in ship-shape, but for now I am taking the week to decompress and take it very slow.  For me this means catching up on some of my favorites (Downton Abbey anyone?) and drinking lots of cups of rose tea under mounds of blankets because this 30 degree below windchill is not not my flavor...but you know what is?  Frosted donuts!  I'm staring at this one on my sweater right now wishing that I was feasting on it's sugary goodness.  Oh my!

As for everything else, my oldest little man turned five and a batman themed celebration we did have!  It's hard to believe that I have a 5 year old on my hands now.  Geezoo, time does fly.  

So that is it.  I'm pretty dull and boring at the moment and perfectly content to crawl under that blanket that is calling my name and watch Lord Grantham in action.  Haha, call me a nut, but I totally have a crush on him!

Until next time...
Love Bunches,

Friday, February 13, 2015

Outfits: Wise Owl

Outfit Details:
Dress & Hat: Modcloth, gift from the Mr.
Shoes & Bag: Thrifted

Happy Friday and Happy Valentine's weekend darlings! 

This time of year always finds me a bit preoccupied and far far away from the internet as I'm busy as a honey bee.   For me it's Fine Arts season - which means I'm up to my hats writing dramas and working with students on both drama and musical presentations for a local Fine Arts Festival we participate in.  Definitely a tad grueling as students have been in and out of my house almost every day of the week for the past month or so, but more so, a whole lot of fun and creativity blooming is on my side of the mountain, so I simply could not complain.   Yes, I do love this time of year despite the mounds of snow that sit in my front yard.  

Anyhow, these days find me craving comfort & practicality over cuteness, donning oversized sweaters, boots, and skinnies rather than the normal dress and tights uniform I tend to gravitate to quite frequently. Um yeah, it's rather hard to be teaching students drama parts in a dress when you are up and down, bending over, crawling on the ground...etc etc.  No one needs a free show - especially 13 year old boys...yikes.  However on days out and about I will take the opportunity to slip into a dress - and this owl print one is really taking the cake for me as of late.  Thanks to the Mr. who picked it out for me last year as one of my bday gifts.  

Enough chit chat.  The weekend is here and I'm ready to celebrate.  How about you?

Catch up with you later!
Love Bunches, 


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