Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Outfits: Blue on Blue

Hat & Cardi: UO
Brooch: Vintage, antique mall
Shoes: Modcloth

Hello darlings!

I'm back with my final installment on my Mata Traders Remix Challenge of the Summerfest House Print dress.  

It's been one swell summer and if I can tell you anything about remixing one piece over and over again, it's that this dress has surely taken me the extra mile.  I think it's the single piece in my wardrobe that has snuck it's way into my weekly wears time and time again and has been remixed far beyond what I've even shown here.   Who knew a house printed dress could be so versatile?  It has taken me to summer bbqs, graduations, church, open mic nights, days at the lake and has been suitable for some good ole hanging around the house with pizza and a Netflix marathon of some sort. Not bad, eh?

Anyhow, this time around I kept it on blue (does anyone else hear that Bobby Vinton melody in their head now?)  A cardi over a dress is ye olde summer uniform for me, so of course this dress was destined to be remixed into such an outfit.  

One more sweet tidbit: As I've gone on and on in my previous remix posts about how much I adore Mata Traders dresses and the mission of the company itself, "to work with organizations (across India & Nepal) that educate, employ, and empower woman... given the opportunity, thrive in a sphere of meaningful work that is outside their homes and families".   Take a peek below of some of the woman that are part of these cooperatives and artisan groups that hand make the gorgeous dresses and accessories that Mata Traders puts out.  If you want to read more about Mata Traders and their mission...take a jump right here and in the meantime, you can also receive 10% your order with the code MATA_SHADES.

Challenge now complete.  Which look is your favorite?  

Until next time!  Love Bunches, 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Outfits: Secondhand Serenade

Hello darlings, 

Talk soon, 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Outfits: Rain or Shine

Outfit Details:
Scarf, Purse & Brooch: Vintage, thrifted
Shoes: Poetic License via

Oh hello there, 

I'm back again with another doll of dress from Mata Traders - a fair trade company I can't say enough good about these days.  This time I'm mixing up the Rain or Shine Dress - and how could I not just go gaga over this little yellow umbrella covered gem?  The silhouette is pretty different for me as I tend to cling onto fit and flare a-lines or babydolls.  However, I couldn't help but be compelled to give something a tad more fitted a try - and you know what, I loved it!  It had me feeling slightly Joan-esque - that I can't complain about.  This first remix of the piece had me adding accessories of hues that were side by side on the color wheel.  Yellow umbrellas - green shoes - blue brooch & bag...see what I mean?  

Anyhow, this afternoon was spent out thrifting to our hearts' content, getting a mani/pedi and grabbing some pastry and coffee - because an afternoon out and about sans the kiddos is never complete without a little caffeine and something sweet.  How about you...what does your perfect summer day look like?

Until next time bunches, 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Outfits: X

Outfit Details:
Dress: swapped via Hannah of The Braided Bandit
Hat: Target
Pendant: Modcloth
Bag & Ring: Vintage, thrifted
Socks, Shorts & Shoes (Jeffrey Campbell) : UO

It's so hard to believe but the Mr. and I celebrated 10 years of marriage one week ago today.  Ten, yes ten...where did the time run off to?  I'm not really sure, but it seems like 10 years have happened in the blink of an eye.  Kind of scary, but very cool, ya know?  Anyhow, 10 years (and two little guys) later ...the adventure continues on.   It's not always picture perfect, after all we are human, but it's  a beautiful journey and I would count myself blessed to be on it with my very best friend.  

Anyhow, we ventured to Philly for the weekend and took in the city, the food, the shopping, and yes even a trip back to Plane Spotter's Place, an area behind the airport, near the tracks above where we used to lie on the roof of the Mr.'s car and watch the planes fly closely overhead and dream of a life together.  So yes, dreams do come true and 10 years later here we are back at our little spot to prove it.  

That's all for now darlings!  And on a side note....thanks to my fella Flock Together gal Hannah, for lending me this sweet lil leopard dress to don on this special day.

Until next time!
Love Bunches,

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Braided Bandit Vintage Super Summer Giveaway

Happy Monday darlings and happy August well!

To kick off the new month and just celebrate this gorgeous summer, I wanted to tell you about a sweeter than sweet giveaway my fella Flock Together gal, Hannah of The Braided Bandit is hosting.

If you enter you will win:
- A $50 giftcard to her shop (The Braided Bandit Vintage)
- A custom flower crown made by Hannah herself
- And a handmade beaded fringe necklace as well!!

Told you is was sweet right?

Anyhow, you can enter below and cross your lil ol' fingers that you will be the winner.

Chat soon darlings!
Love Bunches,

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