Thursday, March 7, 2013

Old Winter Blooms

Cardi: Modcloth (2010)
Hat: Gift from friend
Flower Pin: Vintage, from grandmother's dress
Tights & Socks: UO
Shoes: Vintage

Oh hello snowflakes.  You seem to be making daily visits as of late.  Tell me darlings, are you still in the midst of winter, or have the spring blooms started to peek their heads out of the ground and trees yet?  I can't tell you how ready I am to be wearing sundresses and kayaking down the lake.  Spring is getting me so very excited - if only it could be here already.  I feel a big celebration coming on - cupcakes anyone?

Anyhow, the very lovely and statuesque Marlen of Messages on a Napkin and Flock Together group so sweetly sent this little beauty of a dress over my way - and of course, I was very eager to wear it.  As for the turquoise flower I'm donning (yes, I realize it's VERY big) - but not so very long ago, I came across this vintage maxi dress from my grandmother and this flower was a part of it.  As my grandmother was tall and slender and I am petite and curvy - sadly the dress was not all too flattering on me, but this oversized flower pin on it was something I could wear to remind me of her.  I quite love wearing something of hers so close to my heart as it makes me feel quite warm on these icy winter days.

Have a cozy and warm Thursday darlings, 

Love Bunches,


  1. the blues and reds work so well here! No snow in the UK at the moment but it is grey and rainy, no sign of Spring!xx

  2. I am loving this look Marisa!! That dress is so gorgeous, love the colour and its perfect with the blue cardi, the bright flower is the perfect pop. It's still winter here, it's snowing right now, but I am SO ready for spring. Luckily I get to go to Vancouver soon for a few days where its green and there are things blossoming :D

  3. You look great. Love the colors together.

  4. The teal tights look so pretty with the color of Marlen's dress! I don't think I ever noticed what a gorgeous print this dress is!
    As for the weather, I am in the same boat as you! It's actually really warm today, but I am of course stuck inside the office. This weekend, its supposed to snow a decent amount again, when will it end!
    Anyway, hope you're having a great day and I'd LOVE to join your cupcake celebration!
    xo Hannah

  5. I love all your style. And like you, I love spring and I am looking forward to seeing what outfit ideas you will present in the spring season. :D

  6. Oh my, you are a risk taker stepping out on that pipe like that. Also a lady with excellent balance! Nice story about the flower. It looks great with the ensemble.

  7. oh gosh, the tights here!! i am not sure why, but i am completely in love with them. the color is right on the dot.

    lindsey louise

  8. Aw I love that the flower pin was your grandma's. Wearing things that were passed down or given to me by my grandparents is my favorite. You look so cute here and I adore the setting for these pictures. The colors in this outfit are just so much fun!

  9. You have the prettiest clothes of any blogger I know. I love that cardigan so much. The third picture down with the delicate snowfall is so pretty xxx

  10. The dress has such a pretty print, and I love the combination with the tights!

    Have a great day,

  11. Oh how cute are you and this outfit, yes, I am much ready for springtime. Cannot wait to bring out the rest of my sandals. I love the knit lapels of your cardigan. xx/Madison Enjoy your weekend dear.

  12. your blog always inspires me to wear more colour but I am always too scared to try! you always look amazing and I love this dress! Have a lovely weekend my darling
    xo Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

  13. Another beautiful color combo ! I love your tights !
    Remember you asked me how many leggings I had ? Well, the answer is here on my blog :
    Have a wonderful day !

  14. really love that dress pattern, it's so cute, especially with those heavenly blue tights. The loafers are fantastic with the little socks too. Gorgeous! xx

  15. Love love your cardi, navy and white spots and a fancy collar! a thing of beauty!
    I really like incorporating things with meaning into what you wear, I have a Liberty scarf that was my Granny's that I wear nearly everyday

  16. Marisa! What are you doing posing on that pipe! :O It's dangerous! Haha!

    I love how many items from your grandparents you own and wear ;); it's a such a neat way to remember and honor them. As usual, I love your outfit!

    Hope you and the family are having a wonderful weekend! ;D

  17. Marlen dress is so pretty on you! Im obsessing over your pretty cardi! And those socks and shoes, oh my! You look darling as always <3 and I can't wait for spring either! Boo for more snow!

  18. that dress is really fit on you, marisa! you look great :) i love your socks and hat too, lovely. snowflakes? must be really beautiful. it's rainy all the time, but the air is really dry. not the best weather so far :)

  19. Oh Marisa, everything you wear just looks so cute on you. I love how styled Marlen's dress, the cardigan with it was genius! And how cool are those tights?? All of this is just lovely.

  20. You look absolulety adorable in this blue cardgigan with the laces! I love it! But it looks as you are in a dangerous place, standing on this pipe!? Brave woman ;)

    Have a great start in the week!


  21. Great outfit. As always, I just adore the colors!

    On another note, I just added a blog roll to Take only Memories and included your wonderful blog :) xx

  22. You look so good, that I can't even see that you are pregnant. You look thinner even, if that makes sense. . which it sounds odd. haha. Anyway you are so cute!!!! I love seeing all your style gallery posts on modcloth.

  23. Hi!
    Your loafer are so cute.
    The color of tights is cute, too.


  24. I want that cardigan!! Great outfit as always :)

  25. waouh cute dress, the print the colors the style what else i know the pretty girl who wear that beautiful outfit ♥


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